Bridal Business Intelligence Software

Start using your data to build a better business!

Business intelligence software transforms data into actionable insights that drive better business decisions. The BridalVision Platform is the only business intelligence software built specifically for bridal stores. With our software, making decisions that maximize growth and profitability in your bridal store is simple!

"The inventory roadmap is 100% amazing and I keep freaking out each step I take on it! The bridal world needs more gems like this.”

—Rachel Apple, The Bride Room

Inventory Management

Your stock inventory is your single biggest investment. What you buy, and when, are important decisions. How do you make those decisions now? Do you do what designer sales reps tell you to do? Do you buy what you like, or what your brides like? How do you know?

Do you buy based on emotion, or based on the data?

What about your obsolete inventory? The longer you hold onto the dogs, the faster they lose value. What if you, and your team, knew exactly when to phase out sample gowns and at what price?

BridalVision takes the guesswork out of inventory management decisions by automatically analyzing and interpreting your inventory and sales data. 

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Buying Can Be Better

Instead of wondering if you’re buying the right gowns, use the Bridal Market tool as your guide  After our software crunches your inventory data and analyzes your historic sales performance, you will be guided through a 6 step process to help you know exactly what gowns to buy.
Until you've seen it in action, it's hard to believe that it's possible -- check out this recorded demo!

Inventory Phase Out, Made Easy

The Off-The-Rack tool takes the challenge out of knowing how and when to phase out obsolete inventory.

Use our Sample Sale builder to create and price sales based on each gown's performance and how it is trending.
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"I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your seminar today.  It was so well done and easy to follow and I came away with a much better understanding of what I should do.”

—Jocelyn Robertshaw, Ready or Knot

Knowledge Will Set You Free

Running a bridal store is hard! There are so many unique business challenges that are specific to bridal. That's why we built the Profit Accelerator Program directly into the BridalVision Platform -- to help you learn how to navigate the complexities of building a profitable bridal store.

The Profit Accelerator is a masterclass that combines education, resources, networking, and group coaching to guide you along your bridal shop's journey. Every month, Ingrid Heilke will focus your attention on an important and transformative topic to increase your financial acumen and accelerate your business success. 

Join other passionate bridal shop owners in working through the unique challenges and solutions of running a bridal shop.

Trusted by leaders in the bridal industry.

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I switched my accounting and financial advisory services last year after I met Ingrid, and it was one of the best decisions I made for my business. I would highly recommend Ingrid to all bridal salon owners because Ingrid understands how bridal business works, and she will help you to make the best decisions for your business.

Heba Adat
Owner of The Bridal Room

Ingrid changed my business... Money coming in and out of the bank is always the biggest concern as a store owner—even when things are going well.  Working with Ingrid over the last two years has allowed me to get past knee-jerk reactions with money and move into a place of strategy; from what I want my business to look like and how we can get there to my role in the business.

Emmy Gorman
Owner of Blush Bridal

After our first conversation, I just knew that Ingrid understood our struggles and that she was the perfect person to help our industry. Since then, Ingrid has been integral in helping me to evolve the profitability of my own business.

Beth Chapman
White Dress By the Shore, Beth Chapman Styling and Consulting, The White Dress Society

I am so grateful for Ingrid and all the greatness she is doing. Her inventory roadmap is 100% amazing and I keep freaking out each step I take on it! The bridal world needs more gems like this.

Rachel Apple
Owner of The Bride Room