Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

Working with a financial professional that specializes in bridal has been a game changer for our clients.

 "Ingrid is a complete savior when it comes to my books and my business. Owning a bridal boutique is an entirely different type of business and for years I tried to do my bookkeeping myself. Once I realized how many mistakes I was making, it was time to reach out to a true professional in the industry. Ingrid not only cleaned up years worth of bad accounting, she got my business on track and continually discusses goals with me for where I want to go with my boutique.

Bridal accounting is like alterations. You don't want a general tailor working on your wedding gown--you would want a seamstress well versed in wedding gowns specifically. That's what Ingrid is. She is an incredible resource for bridal stores like you and I. I will continue to invest in her services for as long as I want to be successful. I couldn't appreciate her more!”

—Gretchen Reece, Bridal Couture


 "Ingrid changed my business... Money coming in and out of the bank is always the biggest concern as a store owner—even when things are going well.  Working with Ingrid over the last two years has allowed me to get past knee-jerk reactions with money and move into a place of strategy; from what I want my business to look like and how we can get there to my role in the business.

—Emmy Gorman, Blush Bridal


"I am so grateful for Ingrid and all the greatness she is doing. Her inventory roadmap is 100% amazing and I keep freaking out each step I take on it! The bridal world needs more gems like this."

—Rachel Apple, The Bride Room


"Working with Ingrid was pivotal in reclaiming financial control in my business and life. I felt seen and heard. There was no judgment from her, but rather recognition and validation of my personal and business needs up to that point. She was fiercely dedicated to helping me frame my big vision and break that down to immediate action steps. She effortlessly moved between my business and personal financial needs and helped me envision how I could address both. She gave me the structure and the concrete plan I needed. She provided much needed accountability and support.

After a few months of implementing the Profit First model, according to our roll out plan, I realized I really did have enough coming in to cover my vital expenses, save for taxes, and aggressively pay down my debt. Three months into the process, I paid off my first ever student loan. Almost nine months in, I’ve paid off two student loans, two credit card bills, and I’m close to paying off a third student loan. I’ve also slowly increased my paycheck, to supplement our household income, and as a result, we can afford to send my 4-year old to preschool this fall. A year ago, I never would’ve imagined ANY of that to be possible."

—Tina Grinold

"Working with Ingrid is a wonderful experience. She understands the intricacies of the bridal business and she is kind and patient with her direction. Her accounting adjustments have become a vital part of helping us understand the numbers of our company.

QuickBooks reports are now making sense, and with her professional, knowledgeable guidance, we continually discover new ways of helping our store grow in health and profitability. We are beyond happy to have Ingrid in our corner!”

—Tina Berry and Daron Snyder, New Beginnings Bridal Studio


"I switched my accounting and financial advisory services last year after I met Ingrid, and it was one of the best decisions I made for my business. I would highly recommend Ingrid to all bridal salon owners because Ingrid understands how bridal business works, and she will help you to make the best decisions for your business."

—Heba Adat, The Bridal Room


"After our first conversation, I just knew that Ingrid understood our struggles and that she was the perfect person to help our industry. Since then, Ingrid has been integral in helping me to evolve the profitability of my own business.”

—Beth Chapman, White Dress By the Shore, Beth Chapman Styling and Consulting, The White Dress Society

"I have gotten so much out of working with Ingrid! I actually have money in the bank and I am learning a ton. She has helped me break barriers in my financial confidence and things are going well for me for the first time in a long time. She takes time to share detailed thoughts on everything I throw her way. Now I know with absolute truth that the coming year will be about growth and letting go of the mindset that has kept me fearful around money. Breaking barriers!”

—Monika Sharma, Nvision You


Profit first has changed our lives, especially mine… It has really allowed me to have more confidence with our banking and with our money, so I now fully know where all of our money is and how much money we have for specific expenses.

—Vanessa Dineen, Sash & Bustle